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Valuable Work organizational culture study reveals beliefs and values, based on which employees of your organization make and implement decisions in their daily work.

The results of the study will give you an opportunity to analyze the extent to which beliefs and values of the employees of your organization correspond to the values defined by the owners and managers, as well as how the culture affects the achievement of organizational goals.

The results of the study will also enable your organization to do the necessary adjustments in the implementation of values that support the achievement of your goals, thus contributing to the success of both – the organization and its employees.


Valuable Work employee engagement study reveals the extent to which employees of your organization invest themselves physically, mentally, and emotionally in their daily work. The study also reveals what personal, work, and organizational factors foster or hinder employee engagement within your organization.

Based on the results of the study you will be able to create an environment for your employees that not only improves their well-being at work but also allows them to make optimal use of their time, energy and other resources to achieve the organization’s goals as effectively as possible.


In the initial project phase scope, purpose, and goals of the study are defined. Based on the research goals necessary adjustments to the research questionnaire are implemented (e.g. additional culture dimensions introduced to the organizational culture questionnaire).


Research data is collected using a survey questionnaire. The questionnaire is filled in by respondents online at any place and time convenient to them as long as there is access to the internet. Afterward, the data is analyzed by using statistical calculations. Based on research results conclusions are formulated.


The findings of the study are summarized in a report.


Valuable Work is an organizational culture and employee engagement research and consulting company.






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