Through scientific approach Valuable Work creates an opportunity for organizations to do valuable work by using evidence-based people management.



- having considerable importance or worth; of great use or benefit; having qualities which confer value

- of great use or value to a person or for a purpose

Evidence based approach

Evidence-based management refers to management decisions and practices based on facts rather than general best practices or success stories of other organizations. High-quality evidence is supported by data collected and analyzed as a part of scientific research.

Valuable Work helps organizations analyze their particular situation in terms of organizational culture and employee engagement. Instruments used by Valuable Work are developed based on the results of scientific research and can be easily customized to match the needs of each specific project.

Artūrs Barbars dr. sc. administr.
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My name is Artūrs and I am the founder of Valuable Work. My passion is people and values in organizations as well as how organizations foster the well-being of their people and enable them to contribute the best of themselves in reaching organizational goals.